Professional product designer and freelance illustrator

With a M. Sc. in Industrial Design, I have been a freelance illustrator and designer for 7 years with over 10 years of practice.This portfolio focusses on illustrations within the anime and manga style and my specialization: merchandise design.For commission requests - for private or commercial purposes - feel free to contact me via social media or e-mail below.


Commercial Commission for Figuya.comFeaturing their OC and mascot FiguchanThe commission included a design for the backside of a postcard print and the illustration will be printed in an upcoming artbook.

Snow Miku 2019Digital art piece for a group project of my art circle 'Momoiro Syndrome'. The illustration was printed as a bromide for an idol-themed rally at Dokomi 2019. Outlines were used for a colouring book project.The full-body drawing has been used to produce acrylic standees as merchandise as well.

Five Kasen illustration [Genshin Impact]Event illustration & entry for DoKomi 2022's art contest (outstanding contest entry prize)

Original Washi Tape ArtThis piece was made with mixed media consisting of watercolours, washi tape, stickers, stamping ink, and digital edits.

Kamisato Ayato [Genshin Impact]Part of my work as an official content creator for Hoyoverse/Genshin Impact

Sucrose birthday art 2022 [Genshin Impact]Birthday illustration in square size as part of my contribution as a Genshin Impact content creator artist

Thoma birthday art 2023 [Genshin Impact]Birthday illustration in square size as part of my contribution as a Genshin Impact content creator artist

Kaveh Genshin Impact x Dokomi Contest 2023 entry [Genshin Impact]
Event illustration & entry for DoKomi 2023's art contest (outstanding contest entry prize & exhibition at the venue)

Original Art: Food IllustrationsVery first designs of my own merchandise series 'CupBunCcino'Café & Street Food inspired dishes where dairy components of a dish take the shape of bunnies

Merchandise Showcase

CupBunCcino SeriesA variety of original food illustrations where some ingredients take the shape of little bunnies.Merchandise produced includes enamel pins, keychains, stationery, apparel, and more.

Cookie CuttersI found a new passion for 3D printing through my work as a product design engineer and I enjoy modelling and printing cookie cutters from food safe PLA material.Cutters are sold in my Etsy and custom commissions of characters have been popular as well.

Acrylic CharmsA selection of designs that have been produced as acrylic charms.I enjoy producing them in batches/series and making use of the properties of clear acrylic to simulate a see-through effect of glass.

Kamisato KitchenA series of Genshin Impact inspired kitchenware merchandise that originally started for the Ayato boba straws only but it got out of hand really quickly. It now is a range of kitchenware including drinking glasses, chopsticks, coasters, mugs and might get additions in the future.

Miscellaneous MerchandiseA selection of different merchandise I have had experience with, including washi tape, acrylic standees, stickers and sticker sheets, 3D printed jewelry, stationery, metal works and more.Commercial works with other companies also include packaging design, plushies production & print file preparation.

2D & Graphic Design for MerchandiseOne of my strengths is to simplify and iconize elements from character designs to turn them into merchandise and collect a catalogue of symbols where clients and customers see resemblances to their favourite characters and OCs.The following projects are mini showcases where I successfully incorporated those skills to produce merchandise, some crowdfunded, some commercially commissioned.

Kamisato Ayaka & Ayato drinking glasses design [Genshin Impact]

Re-design for a deskmat [Genshin Impact]

Venti drinking glasses design [Genshin Impact]

Klee drinking glasses design [Genshin Impact]

Alhaitham metal bookmark design [Genshin Impact]Elements include his constellation, design elements of his outfit and elemental skill, and the carpet design made by him

Kawaii Nihongo Tarot Card design package (cards, packaging, cotton playmat) [commercial project]includes logo re-design into a monotone one, incorporated into the card's back design & lotus flower elements to reflect the main character's (Riko) designFiles were exported and vectorized for gold foil printing

Concept design: MardukCorp
Illustrations: Stariwei (Twitter @stariwei)
Kickstarter project here

Other examples [Genshin Impact]left: Ayato Boba straws
middle: Thoma bamboo chopsticks
right: Kaveh stationery set (icons incorporated on wooden pencil)

Commissions Status: only commercial requests OPEN (Update: March 3rd)

Private commissions: CLOSED

Commercial commissions: OPEN for April-June

Please read my terms of service here: Terms of ServiceAll requests should be made via e-mail to [email protected] please!Some smaller non-commercial commissions can be found and purchased via Ko-Fi as well, see ko-fi.com/risupon for more!Current Turnaround Time: 1-3 weeks depending on complexity & your responsiveness. Commercial work will be prioritized.


Here is a template form you can fill out when you send me a commission request:Commission type: e.g. digital/traditional/washi tape style - bustshot/waist-up/full-body/icon/shikishi style - fully rendered/lineart - clean style/pencil style (refering to my posted artworks for style reference would help!)
Add-ons: e.g. background, props, mascots, clothing details
Pose & Expression: including any visual reference is appreciated (even emojis can help), text description is fine too! This step is not necessary but it would help a lot if you have an idea, stick figure sketches are welcome,too! Cookie Cutter requests: include your desired print colour(s), please, so I can check my stock!
Deadline: only include if necessary, otherwise I will finish the commission in a timely manner that is fit for me. Rush fees might apply
Include the following in the attachments: Visual references (coloured prefereed) and PayPal e-mail for the payment. Commercial commissions may discuss with me here how they would like to pay me (bank transfer preferred).
PLEASE NOTE: A visual reference is a must! If there is none in the attachments, your commission is automatically rejected but I will not reply to you. You may submit the same request again once you have a reference.


Note that prices below are base prices/minimum values for non-commercial commissions with one simple character in a simple outfit and no background at all! Prices are likely to go up.Prices for add-ons like backgrounds, extra characters etc. and commercial use licences are mentioned below.

Digital Commissions

You can choose between a clean lineart style and pencil lineart styleBustshot - 90€+
Half-Body - 150€+
Full-Body - 200€+
Simple colour/gradient/stamp brush - free
Low complexity - +10€
Medium complexity + 25€
Fully rendered background w/ environmental lighting - 50€+

Digital Sketch & Lineart Commissions

This type has only 1 checkpoint before finalization!Sketch:
Bustshot - 30€+
Half-Body - 50€+
Full-Body - 60€+
Bustshot - 60€+
Half-Body - 70€+
Full-Body - 90€+
simple coloured highlights +5€
b/w shading + coloured highlights +15€

Chibi Drawings

You can choose between a clean lineart style and pencil lineart styleChibi Base Price - 80€+ (Flat Colo, see big example on the left + 1st below)
Rendered & detailed style: 100€+
Background Elements - +15-25€Includes one extra export with transparent background!Made as an acrylic charm - +20€ & shipping, includes 3 copies of the charmAnimation - starts at +20€, please inquire more examples from me!

Icon Commissions

You can choose between a clean lineart style and pencil lineart styleFully rendered - 60€
Doodle style - 30€
Includes one extra export with transparent background!Animated icon - +20€ (Experimental & discounted! Only 1 slot!)


Includes pricing for semi-commercial use (e.g. Twitch, Youtube, Discord - credit required)
You will receive exports in corresponding sizes, for example: 112 x 112, 56 x 56, 28 x 28 pixels for Twitch.
Standard EmotesSingle Emote - 25€
Single with 2 expression variations - 35€+ (ex: Nahida/Ayaka)
Set of 3 - 60€+
Set of 3 with expression variations - 80€+
Animated Emotes (frame animation, no Live2D rigging!)special offer price for the next 2 ones!Single Emote - 40€+
Set of 3 - 110€+
Higher resolution export : +3€ per emote (354x354px wide) - if you need a bigger resolution for printing them as stickers let me know beforehand! This will rack up prices to a fully commercial license~

Traditional Commissions

Will work on more recent examples soon, therefore the prices below are slightly discounted! Prices will be adjusted depending on paper size! Feel free to discuss them with me if you are planning to frame them!Sketch Drawings:Headshot - 30€ (A6) / 40€ (A5)
Bustshot - 50€+
Half-Body - 70€+
Full-Body - 80€+
Coloured accents are free!Full Renders:Bustshot - 80€+
Half-Body - 120€+
Full-Body - 150€+

Shikishi Style Commissions

Traditionally drawn lineart with painted golden frame on drawing cardboard (300g/m²)Lineart - 50€+
Lineart w/ colour pencil accents - +5€
Lineart coloured with 3-5 copic colours - +15€
Full colour with watercolours - 90€+
Real shikishi boards 118x188m - +10€SPECIAL OFFER - Big shikishi board 243x273mm - 160€+ (Bustshot included)Bustshot instead of headshot upgrade: + 30% of the price!

Traditional Art: Washi Tape Style

Mixed Media with watercolours, ink, pencils, stamping details, and accents/shading with washi tapeThis is a very intricate and time-consuming process requiring many resources, therefore I only offer 1 slot right now and only accept requests if I feel like I have the right material to work on it!Simple washi tape pieces to come in the future!Bustshot - Half Render: 80€+ / Full Render 100€+
Half-Body - Half Render: 120€+ / Full Render: 160€+
Full-Body - Half Render: 160€+ / Full Render: 200€+
Background - simple ones from tape, stickers and stamps included in the price! If you wish to have the background completely blank, let me know!Rendered Background - starts at +20€Full render example on the left, half render one below

Cookie Cutters!

Includes me making the 3D model and one print for you in a colour of choice if in stock - please include desired print colour(s) in your request!Comes with cleaning instructions and my preferred recipe for sugar cookiesCharacter Face Cutters - 70€+
Mascot characters/animals - 40€+
Simple custom shapes without stamp - 15€+
Additional 3D print - +4-15€/each, depending on size

Product/Merchandise Design & other works

Have my other works caught your interest? Do you want to bring your ideas to life & develop merchandise with me or do you require assistance in branding, graphic design, packaging design or even product photography?Just send me an e-mail and I will do my best to arrange a project with you on a freelancer base with an hourly rate depending on what I am supposed to work on! Business languages I can offer are English and German.


Background: starts at 5€ for simple ones made with brushes; 30€+ for realistic background and environmental lighting reflected on the character
Props/weapons: starts at 10€, depending heavily on complexity
Pets/mascot charas: starts at 15€ depending on the complexity (Note: I DO NOT draw hyperrealistic animals!)
Complex Character Designs: All prices are for fairly simple outfits like shirt and skirt, simple school uniform and hairstyles without many accesories. Prices are VERY likely to go up by 10-50% for complex designs. For example: Hoyoverse(Genshin/Star Rail/Honkai 3rd) designs would cost you at least 50% extra of the base price!
Extra characters: Prices depend on how additional characters are integrated. If a second character has the same focus as the first one (e.g. couple illustration), it's the full commission price on top of the first character. Are additional characters implemented more out of focus or in the background, prices will be adjusted and decreased accordingly. I will handle this on a case-by-case basis.
Rush fees: Will be calculated depending on the given deadline but it is generally a percantage of your total commission price.


Commercial pricing will be discussed individually, please send me an inquiry via e-mail! Nonetheless, here are some general guidelines to give you an idea!1.5x price: semi-commercial copyright and publishing use (e.g. use for Twitch / Youtube assets (any ad-supported site), etc.) - this applies to any use where you are trying to monetize your content in the long run! Vtuber assets belong in this category, too!
2x price: commercial use when the artwork is not the bulk of the product but plays a substantial role (e.g. promotional material, CD cover, game assets, cover illustrations etc.)
3x price: commercial use when the artwork is the bulk of the product (e.g. body pillow, postcard/prints, merchandise, etc.)
Commercial Prices for other services (3D-modelling, Graphic Design, Product Design) need to be discussed individually.


Please read my ToS carefully before ordering a commission that is not through Ko-Fi!


- Payment accepted via PayPal up to 250€ value or credit card/payment link for anything above that value. SEPA bank transfer available and preferred for EU customers only
- Full payments are due immediately after we have confirmed the commission details and after I made a rough concept sketch for you. I will not start working on your requests before I have received the payment.
- For non-commercial/private commissions, prices above 150€ can be paid in split payments, but you must be specifically ask for i in your request and I will not work on your commission until it has been completely paid off in order to protect myself from you misusing my sketches in image generating software
- All prices stated are BASE prices and are very likely to go up depending on complexity, detail, additional props or pets unless you have a rather basic character design
- There will be 3 checkpoints: Sketch, Lineart, Colouring 90% (not all appliccable at all times, depending on commission type!)
One free revision is allowed at each checkpoint to the respective step. For example, if we are at the colouring stage, I cannot change the poses anymore for free, this should have been done in sketch. I can neither change anything anymore in the lineart but I can change colour hues, certain patterns on clothes or add details if specified. Any other revision out of schedule will cost you additional 10€/feature.
- Cookie Cutter commissions have 2 checkpoints: Sketch & 3D model before print. I allow up to 10 minor changes in the 3D model before print. If you approve the 3D model for print and you don't like the print and demand changes, a revision fee of AT LEAST 10€ + material costs will be charged. If I judge that the print needs to be redone myself, I will not charge any fees, however, I will discuss the changes with you before I alter the 3D model again.
- Digital commissions will be delivered by e-mail with one high resolution (300 dpi) and one in upload resolution (62 dpi) and if applicable you will receive additional PNGs (transparent background) as well
- Traditional commissions will have added tracked shipping costs starting at 5€ within Germany and 8€ outside of Germany.
- Any specific requests to commission other work than illustration and others offered above can be inquired via e-mail as well, e.g. graphic design, product design, 3D modelling requests. Yes, I offer those too, just not too specifically in this portfolio. Prices are determined on an hourly rate/complexity of the work.

Terms of Service

- I keep the rights to reject commission requests (even on Ko-Fi, you will be refunded in that case) if I do not feel comfortable that I can fulfill your request for whatever reason
- Be aware that I will keep the copyrights to the artwork, meaning I can repost them websites and reprint them in artbooks with credits to you if applicable (if you want to stay anonymous/not mentioned, you will have to let me know!). This applies especially if you commission me to draw (or 3D model) fanart where none of us have rights over the characters.
- If you commission me to draw your own OCs, I still have the copyrights to the artwork but I will not reprint them as single products for profit, however, I might use them on my website or have them printed non-commercially or in products where your commission is not the bulk of the product, e.g. flyers or art collection books.
- Requests will receive a reply within 5-7 business days with me stating if I am willing to accept them or not. If my slots and time are limited, commercial commissions will always be given priority over requests for personal art.
- Waitlisted requests are pre-approved by me and will be prioritized when my commission slots open or I might even offer you special slots when I have an opening in my schedule! Waitlist requests are welcome anytime and do not represent a contract, you are not obliged to pay me anything when you ask me to put you on the list, nor am I obliged to carry out your request. However, I may cancel your spot on the waitlist, if I ever change my mind or judge that I cannot fulfill your request in the near future anymore.
- No refunds, especially not after I have started with your commission already! In case I haven't started at all yet, you may receive a refund if you cancel within 24h after payment received. For that, I need a written statement via e-mail, DMs on social media do not count.
- You may inquire me anytime via social media or e-mail on the status of your commission but replies might take 2-3 business days and messages might get lost, especially on social media, so you are very welcome to ping me multiple times if it's urgent! However, be aware that I will always initiate a conversation if there are updates and the time I spend on discussing over no updates can be better invested in something else ;) So please refrain from asking me for an update every few days, thank you!
- WAITLIST: I will wipe my waitlist roughly every 2 years and will contact you if you want to stay on it or not. If I have previously given you a quote, that one is also only valid for those roughly 2 years until I message you about taking you down from my waitlist. If you wish to stay on the waitlist, you agree to receive a new quote when you claim one of my slots.
- I do not spend all my work hours per week only on drawing commissions, I also work on fulfilling orders from my shop and more! If you see me on social media or doing personal art, it does not mean, I neglect your commission, it just means, I am taking breathers so I can give my best when I get back to your commission :)

DO's & DONT's


- Both fanart and OCs are welcome!
- Any bishounen / bishoujo /shoujo characters are in my comfort zone = best results!
- Kemonomimi are & any humanoid version of your furry friends are great
- Humanoid Fantasy characters, e.g. elves or designs with horns etc.
- Cosplay portraits are ok, too!


- Full Furries
- Real people/animals
- Manga portraits from RL photos
- Very young (babies) or very old characters
- Very buff characters with lots of toned muscles or a large body type
- Mechas & other very detailed machinery

I am ok with stepping out of my comfort zone here and there, I especially enjoy and want to draw more male bishounen characters but you cannot go wrong with asking me to draw cute girls! While I enjoy challenges, leaving me (and any other artist) in their comfort zone and expertise will always guarantee you best results :) If at any time you are unsure, just ask me and we can discuss!